Here are the most common questions about Salsa Unicorns 

 About the classes

When and where do the classes take place?

We havethree different classes on Saturdays

  • Unicorns Technique: from 15:00 to 16:00
  • Unicorns Vueltas: from 16:15 to 17:15
  • Unicorns Flow: from 17:30 to 18:30

And one class on Wednesday

  • Unicorns Night Session: from 21:00 to 22:00

The classes take place in the following place:

Address: Just Juggling, Zossenerstr. 24, 10961 Berlin

Which class is appropriate for me?
If you have danced some salsa style (Cuban, LA, New York or other styles), but you have not danced Salsa Colombiana (also called Salsa caleña or Caly Style), we recommend you to come to the Unicorns Technique class or to the Unicorns Vueltas.

If you have never danced any salsa style it’s not a problem at all, we recommend you to come to the Unicorns Technique class.

If you have danced Salsa Colombiana or have come often to our classes, you can come to any of the three classes. Note that in the Unicorns-Flow class, we will not give any technical explanation details about the different steps, it’s just dance, being in the flow, put in practice the steps you have learnt, sweat, dance, dance and dance.


What is the purpose of the new Salsa Unicorns model?
We have developed a new model thinking on you. We want you to improve your salsa dancing skills fast; we want that you learn many new steps very often, but also that you can dominate them very well and that you feel with confidence when you apply them outside. Therefore we have from now on 3 different classes with specific purposes (Unicorns Technique, Unicorns Vueltas and Unicorns Flow). Alternating them every Saturday, or coming to most of them regularly will give you the confidence to dominate the Salsa Colombiana.

We want to provide you multiple packages, which can adapt to your availability every month. If in one month you have a lot of availability, you can acquire the Unicorns-Flatrates packages. If the next months you will come irregularly, you can acquire the Unicorns-Card. With the Unicorns-Flatrates packages you can enjoy of all our classes in the month for a reasonable price (44€ per month with the Unicorns Flatrate (3 Month) ). We hope we motivate you to come often and enjoy, grow and develop your own unicorn style with us using Salsa Colombiana spectacular elements.

We want to keep developing our Unicorns community. We want you to keep motivated with Salsa Colombiana, to come more regularly to our classes, to participate more in our plans together outside the classes like going together to parties, to eat, to drink something or hang around outside.

We want to spread with you the Salsa Colombiana in Berlin and in the World. Colombia has so many amazing things to show to the world, and this spectacular salsa style is one of them. Coming often to the classes will give you the proper elements to dominate the Salsa Colombiana and you will be able to apply it with confidence outside in parties and dance events. Help us to let the world notice about this incredible salsa.

What should I bring to the Salsa Colombiana classes?
Our classes are different than the other conventional dance school. Here, you will find more energy and dynamic movements, which will make you put a lot of effort and will make you sweat. Therefore, we recommend you to bring light clothes, enough water and a towel. You will find a changing room (without shower) in case you need it. Do not forget to bring all your energy and happiness. We will have a lot of fun!
Can I bring friends to the classes?
Of course! We would be glad if you like our classes and you want to share your Salsa Colombiana experience with your friends. You just need to communicate them that they should buy through the website one of the packages we offer and that they should register also through the website to every class. This is important since we plan the classes according to the number of participants.
Why is the Salsa Colombiana so special?
Salsa Colombiana has its origin in Cali Colombia. In contrast to other salsa styles like Cuban, LA or New York, Salsa Colombiana lays much more emphasis on footwork. Salsa Colombiana gives you the possibility to representate each instrument of the music with your body (principally with your feet). Fast, special and spectacular steps with kicks and hips movement are realized in Salsa Colombiana. Salsa Colombiana is definitively a beautiful challenge to every dancer. It requires some practice and a good body tension. It helps you to become fit if you train constantly since some of the steps require a lot of energy. If you like to work out, you can use Salsa Colombiana as a way to train your body. You will definitively have a lot of fun putting in practice all the Salsa Colombiana wonderful steps.
What happens with my old card?
You can still collect stamps on your old card, only if you take Unicorn Single classes.

Otherwise, if you take the other packages, i.e. Unicorns Flatrate or Unicorns Card, you can not collect stamps on your old card.


How can I buy a package and register for the classes?
In order to register for the classes, you need to buy one of the packages offered on the website. As follows we describe how to proceed to buy the package and to register for the classes. First of all, you need to click either on Registration in the Menu Bar or on one of the buttons (Book now, Register now) that you find through the website. A new site with the list of the different classes in the coming weeks is opened. There, you have the possibility to choose your class and for that, just click on the button Booking, which leads you to a new site.

If it is your first time and you do not have an account: In that new site, you will find all the packages available. You need to choose one of them so that you can use this package for the class registration. Click on the Button Book of the package you want and you will be asked for your data (First Name, Last Name, and Email). You enter your data, click on Next and then you will see the payment details. There you choose the payment method, you enter your data and click on Payment. In order to complete your registration also you need to create a password for your account. So you write your password in the space provided and click on RegisterAfter this, congratulations, you are already registered for that class and you have successfully acquired a package and created an account which you can use for future classes registrations 🙂

If it is NOT your first time (which means that you have an account and you have bought a package already): In that new site, you will see the package you bought and you will be able to use it for the class registration. All you need to do is click on the button Book now and congratulations, you are already registered for that class 🙂

How can I cancel my registration for the classes?
If you are registered for a class and at the end, you have a difficulty and you cannot come to the class, you have the possibility until before the beginning of the class to cancel it. To cancel it you can click on Registration on the Menu Bar. On that site you look for the class you want to cancel and click on the button Booked. On the new site, you just need to click on the button Cancel. A message asking for confirmation will appear and you click on Confirm cancelation. The other alternative is on the Registration site, on the right part you will see your account name. Click on your account name and you will see a drop-down menu. Click on My Bookings and your booked classes will be shown. Look for the one you want to cancel and click on the button Cancel. A message asking for confirmation will appear and you click on Confirm cancelation.
Are the Unicorns-Flatrate package extending automatically?
Yes, once you buy an Unicorns-Flatrate package, your package will be extended automatically the coming months. That avoids you to buy a new package every month. DO NOT worry if you need or want to cancel the extension for the coming month. You can do it without any problem. See the “how to cancel the automatic extension” question below (in the Payment section).


How much do the classes cost?
That depends on the package you choose.

  • Unicorns Flatrate (1 month) costs 49€ per month
  • Unicorns Flatrate (3 months) costs 44€ per month
  • Unicorns Card (8 classes) costs 70€
  • Unicorns Single class costs 12€

If it is your first time and you are not sure if you like Salsa Unicorns classes, we recommend getting a Unicorns Single class; if you like it you can upgrade it to one of the Unicorns Flatrates or the Unicorns Card and we discount you the 12€ of the Unicorns Single class.

How can I cancel the Salsa Unicorns-Flatrate package automatic extension?
It can be canceled at any time, of course at the latest one day before the new package begins. You just need to send an email to the or to the message field below, saying that you want to cancel the package for the coming month. For example, if you buy the Unicorns Flatrate (1 month) package on April 15th, it will be extended automatically on May 15th. So, if you want to cancel this extension, you will have time until the May 14th at 23:59 to do it. Note: send the email for the package cancellation from the same email you used to buy the package.

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