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Get – together


7 pm after class 

Studio 8
Grüntaler Str. 8, 13357 Berlin



27th MAY 2023


The details

We’re thrilled to introduce our new community event – „The Unicorns Get-together“.
This monthly event is all about connection, sharing, and of course, dancing!

At Salsa Unicorns, we believe that dancing goes beyond the dance floor. It’s about the bonds we form, the laughter we share, and the memories we create together. This is the very essence of our Get-together.

Imagine an evening filled with Salsa Colombiana tunes, selected by our DJ Jörg ;-), for you to practice your moves, steps and turns.

The Gathering will be held at Studio 8, a vibrant bar near Tanzraum Wedding. We will meet there right after class, doors open at 7 pm.

Best of all? Entry is absolutely free!
No registration requiered neither.

Just come as you are!
Let’s dance, let’s share, and let’s connect!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the next Unicorns Get-together. 💃🕺


The Unicorns Lite Flatrate

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Welcome to our

Unicorns family!

We are Berlin’s premier dance academy for Salsa Colombiana.

We bring joy to the city by uniting a vibrant community of passionate dancers.

Our instructors encourage creativity and individuality, helping you develop your unique style.

Join our warm and supportive dance family, and let’s celebrate the magic of Salsa Colombiana together in Berlin!

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Schedule & Classes

There’s no need for bringing a dance partner in any of our classes!

We offer a mix of individual dance classes and partner dance classes where we switch partners regularly.


7:30 pm Salsa Vueltas
》All levels《
Couple Dancing – no need to bring a partner

Your trainer: Patricia

Improve your confidence when doing a spin or leading it.
Enhance the spinning technique: we will work on how to keep the body balance and spin smoothly

➤ Learn different turns from salsa Colombiana and salsa en linea: from the simplest to the more advanced turns
➤ Practice different turns in couple dancing until mastering them
➤ Time to play:  We will put everything together and perform different combinations (combos) of turns


8:00 pm Salsa Footwork Fundamentals

》Beginner & Intermediate level《
Individual Dancing
Your trainer: Federico

The fundamentals of the fast, energetic footwork that characterizes Salsa Colombiana
➤ Learn the basic steps with the correct technique of salsa colombiana
➤ Dance these steps to different types of Salsa rhythm and at different speeds
➤ Get the stability and strength in the legs to do those steps well
Harmonize legs movements with the upper-body

9:00 pm Salsa Footwork Intermediate

》Intermediate & Advanced level《
Individual Dancing
Your trainer: Federico

Got the fundamentals? Let’s take it to the next level
➤ Learn challenging advanced steps and turns
➤ Go deep into detailed steps technique
➤ Harmonize challenging steps with upper-body movements
➤ Develop legs speed
➤ Combine afro movements with Salsa Colombiana


8:00 pm Reggaeton

》All levels《
Individual Dancing
Your trainer: Javiera

Unleash Your Passion with energetic Reggaeton rhythms
Explore the dynamic fusion of reggae and hip hop in this upbeat, passionate dance style
Master the captivating rhythm and musicality of Reggaeton through our step-by-step warm-ups
Boost your performance skills as you learn bold choreography and diverse movement qualities
Feel supported and comfortable under our instructor’s expert guidance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience


6:15 PM Salsa Technique & Improvisation

》All levels《
Individual Dancing

Your trainer: Birte

Elevate Your Salsa Colombiana Skills
Dive into playful exploration of your body and movements in this engaging class
Discover the art of incorporating shoulders, hips, and arms while shifting your weight for a captivating salsa performance
Unleash your creativity as you learn to combine different elements of steps and movements during improvisation
Strengthen your body, heighten your awareness, and ignite your imagination for an even more enjoyable time on the dance floor
Focus on the little details that make a big difference in your dancing


4:00 pm Salsa Fundamentals

》Beginner & Intermediate levels《
Couple Dancing – no need to bring a partner

Your trainer: Camilo and Birte / Patricia

Master the Essentials of Salsa Colombiana Partner Dancing
Improve your body posture, tension, and connection with your partner for a harmonious dance experience (no need to bring a partner!)

Grasp the art of giving clean and effective leading signals for seamless transitions
Immerse yourself in the basics of Salsa Colombiana steps designed specifically for couples
Embrace the rhythm and maintain synchronization while dancing with a partner
Develop your technique for leading and following turns, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable dance

5:00 pm Salsa Intermediate

》All levels《
Couple Dancing – no need to bring a partner

Your trainer: Camilo and Birte / Patricia

Elevate Your Salsa Colombiana Skills and take your Partner Dancing to the next level
Refine your technique for leading and following, focusing on intricate details (no need to bring a partner!)
Harmoniously blend fast footwork with proper posture and upper body movement while dancing with a partner
Boost your speed, endurance, and elegance in executing couple steps
Construct strong and seamless transitions between steps for a flawless partner dance
Enhance your leading signals, particularly for turns, to ensure a smooth and captivating dance experience

6:00 pm Salsa Advanced

》Intermediate & Adavanced levels《
Individual & Couple Dancing – no need to bring a partner
Your trainer: Michel

Advanced Salsa Colombiana Mastery for experienced dancers
Master tricky technical details of Cali style footwork and complex steps
Enhance speed, body movement, styling, posture, and turning techniques
Boost musicality and improvisation skills
Combine advanced Cali style salsa with other styles in challenging sequences
Create stunning choreographies blending solo and couple elements

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You can also come to our Classes with Urban Sports Club

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Trainer Team

Meet our passionate trainers, skilled in guiding dancers of all levels to unleash their creativity and embrace the joy of Salsa Colombiana.




















Salsa Unicorns

Learn about our history, our mission and what makes us special.

Hi, we are Kathrin and Camilo!

We founded Salsa Unicorns in 2017 as a one-time experiment.
It quickly expanded, and we started building an amazing, warm, and supportive community.
Today we are proud of our passionate and dedicated trainer-team who is eager to share their skills and knowledge with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Salsa Colombiana, the most challenging Salsa Style in the world to Berlin. Making it accessible and fun for everybody.

What makes us special

What truly sets us apart is our supportive, open, and diverse community, which is the foundation for all that we do. We are proud of being a part of such a positive and energetic atmosphere.
Our classes are a unique blend of skill-development, meeting friends, working out and having the time of your life.
We focus on encouraging creativity, individuality, and improvisation while dancing.

Fotos by Lena Fischer

The name Salsa unicorns

Salsa Unicorns –  our name reflects the essence of what we stand for – uniqueness, distinctiveness, and individuality.
Our dancers are beautiful, fast, and full of energy, just like a unicorn.
When you see a Salsa Unicorn on the dance floor, you’ll instantly recognize their exceptional and one-of-a-kind style, making them truly stand out at any party.

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